2D Animator, Director, Comic Artist

As long as she could remember, she always had been doodling on something. Before she begun to study animation at the University of Film & Television (HFF) Potsdam, she was working as a freelance illustrator and comic-artist. At 2005 she graduated as animator with diploma with her Edgar Allan Poe adaption of „The Tell-Tale Heart“. Since then she is working as freelance 2D-animator, comic-artist & film-maker.

  • 2013
    Lego Thriller

    Stop motion

  • 2013
    Lego Dance

    Stop motion

  • 2012
    Der Pinguin

    2D Animation, Walter Moers

  • 2009 - 2011
    Looking Behind the scenes of Telekom Laboratories, for Telekom Laboratories

    2D Animation, commercial

  • 2006
    Der Verrückte, das Herz und das Auge (The Tell-Tale Heart)

    director/ 2D Animation, short

  • 2006
    PSP, for Sony

    2D Animation, tv commercial

  • 2006
    Playstation, for Sony

    2D Animation, tv commercial

  • 2006
    Maximum Rock, for Star FM

    2D Animation, commercial

  • 2003
    Im Café

    director/ 2D Animation, short

  • 2003
    Elijot vs. MJ

    director/ 2D Animation, short

  • 2003
    Morgengrauen (Dawn)

    director/ 2D Animation, short

  • 2002
    Tonight Tonight

    director/ 2D Animation, music clip


Once i dreamt of Life - Animation Trailer

Animation Sequences 2D cut-out 12 min 2014

Once I Dreamt of Life is a feature length documentary film about suicide — subject that people rarely want to talk about. It’s an account about one’s personal relation to suicide, but also studies suicide as social phenomena: What are the motives, warning signs and consequences? The film follows the journey of a young man, an animated character based on a real person, on his path towards suicide. The journey is described by people who’ve had encounters with suicide – parents who lost their child, young adults who considered or even tried committing suicide. official website of the film:

  • Background Painting: Giulia Valenti


Show Reel Annette Jung

Show Reel 2D Animation


short film 2D animation 8 min HFF "Konrad Wolf" 2006
Directed and animated by Annette Jung Ed hates the disgusting eye of his father and so he made up his mind to take the life of the old man to rid himself of the eye forever. Based upon the novel „The Tell-Tale Heart“ by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Co-Directed, Animation, Backgrounds: Gregor Dashuber
  • Music: Max Knoth
  • Sound: Daniel Griese, Michał Krajczok
  • Narrated by Andreas Fröhlich
Screenings at more than 200 Festivals in 40 countries. Awards:
  • „Goldener Reiter“ Filmfest Dresden
  • „Best Film“ & „Best Animation“ Guernsey Lili Filmfestival
  • „Best 2D Animation“ Redstick Int. Animation Louisian
  • „Best Short Film“ Cartoons on the bay in Rom
  • „Best Animation“ OSFAF in Skopje, Mazedonien
  • „Best Director“ Maki Brothers in Bilola
  • „Blue Genius“ Medienfestival Villingen
  • „Goldmedaille“ & „Publikumspreis“ FISH Rostock
  • „Gold Standard“ BIAFF-Royal Tunbridge in Wells
  • „Bär in Gold“ Festival der Nationen in Ebensee
  • „Best Female Participation“ Femina - in Rio De Janero
  • „DAFF „Goldmedaille“ Deutschen Film Festspiele Aachen

Lego Dance

short film 2D animation 0:30 min 2013
Directed and animated by Annette Jung Michael is doing the Lego dance.

The Penguin

short film 2D animation 7:15 min 2012
Directed and animated by Annette Jung The Penguin is bugging an Eskimo couple, it all ends up in a massive splatter scenario.
Based upon the comic „Der Pinguin“ by Walter Moers.
  • Story and Illustration: Walter Moers
  • Sound Design and Music: Michał Krajczok

Lego Thriller

short film 2D animation 0:30 min 2013
Directed and animated by Annette Jung The legendary Thriller short film in Lego!

T-Labs Trailer

SHORT FILM2D DRAWN ANIMATION2:05 MIN© 2012 Deutsche Telekom & Talking Animals
This is a trailer for the animated infotainment series LOOKING BEHIND THE SCENES OF DEUTSCHE TELEKOM LABORATORIES.

Written, directed and designed by Samuel Weikopf    
  • Animation by Annette Jung, Gregor Dashuber, Maxim Vassiliev, Frank Gerdes, Thorsten Egckert, Franck Pimenta, Martial Harrivel, Pauline Kortmann, Tomer Eshed, Samuel Weikopf
  • Compositing by Jan Koester & René Lange
  • Backgrounds by Jan Koester & Juanita Kellner
  • Voice Acting by Jesse Inman, Shawn Lawton, Danny Klein, Pete Littlewood, Kathleen Clancy
  • Sounddesign and Recording by Michał Krajczok
  • Music by Marian Mentrup