Director, Animator, Illustrator

In 1980, Pauline Kortmann saw the light of day in Berlin. After her apprenticeship as digital media designer she studied Animation at Film and Television Academy (HFF) „Konrad Wolf“ in Potsdam-Babelsberg from 2004-2010 and works free-lance as animator, director and illustrator.

  • 2011
    Frog Weather

    2D computer drawn animation

  • 2008
    Chicken Wings

    2D drawn animation



Animated Intro Cut-Out 2' © 2011 Talking Animals
client: Stories Unlimited, Handwerkskammer Potsdam It's the intro for an image film made by Stories Unlimited for the Handwerkskammer Potsdam (HWK). Follow the apprentice boy Sandro on his HKW organised trip to itlay, where he's learning to make Ciabatta.
direction & animation: Pauline Kortmann and Sonja Rohleder  


short film 2D computer drawn animation 5:45 HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam-Babelsberg & Pauline Kortmann, 2011
Directed by Pauline Kortmann It’s hot. The weather frog is alarmed: if what the kids say is true, terrible things could happen to the climate! What exactly, the poor frog learns the hard way.
  • Animation: Pauline Kortmann, Ulf Grenzer, Marc Arnull, Christian Retzlaff
  • Compositing VFX: Dennis Rettkowski 
  • Live action DOP: Matthias Hofmeister

Chicken Wings

short film 2D drawn animation 5:45 min HFF "Konrad Wolf", 2008
Directed and animated by Pauline Kortmann A Cowgirl and a Werewolf travelling the Wild West find a chicken. A fight about its appropriate use makes them forget the danger around.
  • Music: Johannes Repka, Marian Mentrup
  • Sound: David Ziegler
  • Producer: Martin Lischke

Time Context

Image Film 3D Computer 03:27 min 2012
Image film for a data organizing software, Time Context.

Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten - Titles

Opening Titles Drawn 01:43 min 2014