Talking Animals is a group of young, award-winning animation and sound design professionals specializing in edgy, high-end filmmaking that’s unsurpassed. 

Our expertise in a wide variety of fields, ranging from traditional, hand drawn cell animation to CG computer animation and VFX, coupled with our ability to deliver first-rate sound design, music and re-recording mixing means we can realize your entire project from concept to DVD, providing unrivaled versatility to our clients.

Established in 2009, Talking Animals is home to 14 animators and 2 musicians/sound designers, each with our own specialty and style of design. We love working with clients who have ambitious, unique projects.  So, take a look at our reels and let us know what you need developed. You can book us independently or as a team for larger projects.

Animation - made with love,sweat and Berlin

  • Deutsche Telekom Laboratories,
  • Fraunhofer Institut,
  • Delta Radio,
  • Playmobil,
  • Landesmuseum Trier,
  • ZDF,
  • Tamschick Media+Space,
  • Stories Unlimited,
  • Morgen Studios,
  • Uni Potsdam,
  • Vodafone,
  • Studio Rosto A.D,
  • ZOOBE Message Entertainment


We offer creative and individual sound design and film music for animation, feature films, commercials and documentaries and are happy to supervise projects right from the script up to the final mix, be it in stereo, dolby digital surround or interactive multichannel installations.
Our large 5.1 Edit Suite is constantly evolving and is based around a Pro-Tools system and high end mastering monitors by Strauss Elektroakustik. Currently Marian is working partly in London where we have built up a compact surround system.






  • Lufthansa,
  • CBS,
  • Deutsche Telekom,
  • Michael Ballhaus,
  • Volkswagen,
  • Arte TV,
  • ZDF/Kinderkanal,
  • Undercurrent Brands,
  • Stories Unlimited,
  • Opera Leipzig