We are a collective of award-winning professionals in animation and sound design/music, united as Talking Animals since 2009.
We make short films, music videos, animated documentaries, animation for advertisement, explanatory movies. Our styles range from artistic 3D, over cutout and 2D drawn animation to analogue stop motion under the camera.

Talking Animals’ high end 3D department founded Lumatic in 2015.
According to your needs we can handle the entire implementation of projects from the concept/script to the sound and music setting, or take care of certain aspects of the production.
Our team is well established and in addition we have access to a large network of external partners we can draw on if necessary.


  • Warner Music,
  • Universal Music,
  • ZDF,
  • 3sat,
  • Deutsche Bahn,
  • Audi,
  • Allianz,
  • Landesmuseum Trier,
  • Peter Rommel Productions,
  • Tamschick Media+Space,
  • Bayerl in Hamburg,
  • Mackat,
  • Fraunhofer Institut,
  • Deutsche Telekom Laboratories,
  • Universität Potsdam


We offer creative and individual sound design and film music for animation, feature films, commercials and documentaries and are happy to supervise projects right from the script up to the final mix!

Our 5.1 Edit Suite is constantly evolving and is based around a Pro Tools system and high end monitors by Quested.
Marian is currently working partly in London and Venice, while Michał is keeping eyes and ears on Berlin.


  • Lufthansa,
  • CBS,
  • Deutsche Telekom,
  • Michael Ballhaus,
  • Volkswagen,
  • Arte TV,
  • ZDF/Kinderkanal,
  • Undercurrent Brands,
  • Stories Unlimited,
  • Opera Leipzig